Dental Bridge Westborough, MA

If you have lost one tooth or several consecutive teeth, a dental bridge can restore function, aesthetics, and oral health stability. A traditional dental bridge is a removable oral appliance that attaches to existing “anchor” teeth. The development of new techniques and the evolution of dental implants now enables patients to receive a dental bridge that is permanently secured and can improve oral health in several ways.

Dr. Patel works with patients who have lost teeth on an individual basis to restore their smiles with a dental bridge. For patients who are considered good candidates for implants, she typically recommends using them to enjoy the best possible result. Dental implants can replace the lost tooth root, stabilizing bone recession in the jaw and the natural structure of the lower facial area.

A custom-made dental bridge will be color-matched to your smile and overall appearance for the most natural-looking result. With routine dental care and good oral hygiene, you can expect to enjoy your dental bridge for a lifetime.

Affordable dental bridges in Westborough Massachusetts

Placing a dental bridge: what to expect

The process for placing a dental bridge will vary, depending on whether dental implants are being placed to secure the new restoration. If implants are to anchor the bridge, we will coordinate the surgical part of the procedure with a local specialist. Once the posts are implanted, there is a healing period of several months before the crowns or dental bridge can be secured. A temporary bridge is often placed to provide function and aesthetics.

When existing teeth are to be used to anchor a dental bridge they are often strengthened with dental crowns. We will prepare these abutment teeth for placing dental crowns during an initial visit, followed by dental impressions and placing a temporary while the new restorations are being made in a dental lab. Once complete, the crowns will be placed and the new bridge secured in place.

Dental Bridge FAQs

Can a dental bridge be repaired?

Repairs can be made to a dental bridge if the damage is minor and a fixed bridge does not need to be removed. If it becomes significantly damaged, it’s often necessary to replace the bridge and address any damage to the abutment teeth.

Can I use dental floss around a dental bridge?

Yes, it’s important to floss around a dental bridge to remove any food particles that can become lodged next to, or below the bridge. Our staff will demonstrate safe, effective flossing after placing your restoration.

How do you care for a dental bridge?

A removable dental bridge should be taken out and cleaned twice a day. When secured with dental implants, dental bridges can be maintained like regular natural teeth. Crowned teeth need the same routine care as your other teeth. Be sure to brush twice daily and floss around and under a fixed dental bridge every day to control the build-up of dental plaque. It is even more important for you to schedule routine cleanings with your dental office if you have a bridge. A dental bridge that is properly cared for can last for a long time.