Digital Dentistry Westborough, MA

Dr. Trushar Patel has incorporated advanced digital technology into our Westborough dental office. Digital dentistry means that your treatment is more accurate, predictable, less invasive, and often with less downtime. Digital dentistry offers many benefits for the comfort and success of our patient’s dental care. To learn more about digital technology available for your treatment needs, schedule a dental appointment with Dr. Patel.

digital dentistry westborough ma

Same Day Dental Crowns

Dr. Patel uses CEREC, an in-office CAD/CAM technology to place a custom dental crown in a single visit. A comfortable and efficient process, your dental crown is designed using digital impressions and milled in our office while you wait. Dr. Patel will place the final crown once complete and you will leave our office with a complete smile.

Digital Dental Impressions

No more messy, gooey impression trays to get impressions of your teeth. We use a handheld device that scans your mouth and provides immediate digital images for use in evaluation and treatment planning. Digital impressions are easy, comfortable and provide a more accurate means of diagnosing dental problems and designing custom restorations.

Laser Dentistry

Laser dentistry can be used to address a range of dental health needs in a less invasive and more accurate manner. Dr. Patel uses a soft tissue laser for treating the effects of gum disease, often preventing the need for oral surgery. A dental laser can treat infected gum tissue, removing it without impacting surrounding healthy tissue. Laser dentistry produces fewer side effects and shorter down times.