Custom Mouthguard Westborough, MA

It is important to remember that teeth do not grow back.

There are certain types of activities that can put your dental health at risk of injury. Contact sports and adventure style activities can sometimes result in accidental collisions, falls and other events that can cause trauma to the teeth and/or gums. Damaging or losing teeth can also mean the loss of any investment in your dental health such as orthodontics or cosmetic treatments. Why not protect your smile to minimize your risk?

Westborough Dental Associates, a family dental practice, recommends using a custom fit sports mouth guard to protect the teeth and gums. Made from molds of your teeth, a custom mouth guard offers superior comfort and protection when compared to readily available options.

A custom fit mouth guard also offers other key benefits to consider:

  • Snug, personalized fit reduces jaw clenching to hold it in place. This has shown to improve athletic performance.
  • Better comfort enables the wearer to consume fluids and speak easily without having to remove the appliance, reducing the incidence of loss.

We offer custom sports mouthguards for kids, teens and adults- you are never too old to wear mouth protection. Ask Dr. Daljeet about a mouth guard during your next visit.