Westborough MA Dentist Office Patient Information

Welcome to Westborough Dental Associates. Our dedicated team of dental professionals strives to provide patients of all ages personalized oral health care and advice. A healthy, functional and comfortable smile plays a key role in the enjoyment of the best possible quality of life. We look forward to helping our patients achieve and maintain optimal oral health through comprehensive care.

Your First Visit: What to Expect

If you are visiting with us for the first time, please take a few moments to complete our patient forms and gather necessary information:

  • Form of ID, drivers license
  • Recent dental records or x-rays of available
  • Dental insurance card if applicable

We welcome new patients from Westborough and many surrounding communities, including Southborough, Upton, and North Grafton. If you need directions to our office, visit our contact page here.

During your first visit, we take the time to get to know you, understand your concerns and the condition of your oral health. You will meet with our staff and enjoy the welcoming, family atmosphere our office provides. You can also expect:

  • Dental exam
  • Cavity screening
  • Periodontal screening
  • Oral cancer screening

If time allows, a dental cleaning will also be performed. Follow up visits for any recommended or desired dental treatments can be scheduled before you leave.

Patient Resources

Our dental website has many resources, from information regarding dental services to oral hygiene advice and a monthly blog. To learn more about our practice, your dental care and how best to maintain your smile peruse our site and feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns you may have.

Restore Your Smile And Your Quality of Life

One of the most important aspects of modern dentistry is restoring and maintaining a patient’s dental health because of the role it plays in both overall physical well being and daily quality of life.

We stress the importance of routine preventive care to keep your smile healthy and reduce the risks of decay and gum disease. We also believe in providing restorative dental treatment when needed. Teeth can become damaged or lost for a variety of reasons, even when a patient is diligent with their oral hygiene routine.

Addressing a damaged or missing tooth is necessary for a functional and comfortable smile. Prevent the development of more complex dental problems down the road with a dental visit today.

Treating Damaged Teeth

Westborough Dental Associates will thoroughly examine a patient before recommending a plan of treatment for a tooth that has become damaged or diseased. Treatment options can include:

  • dental crowns
  • tooth bonding
  • root canal therapy

Teeth that are chipped, cracked or broken can become further damaged or lost without treatment and may make it difficult to eat and speak normally. We can discuss the best options for restoring your unique smile and ensuring lasting dental health.

Replacing Missing Teeth

For patients who have lost a tooth, for any reason, our dentists will discuss the benefits of prompt replacement to avoid additional dental problems and limited treatment options.

Whenever possible, we recommend the use of dental implants to replace teeth or secure a denture. Dental implants provide a permanent, life-like solution that will reduce bone loss in the jaw. We will enable you to eat and speak normally- without daily maintenance!

We understand the cost concerns that many of our patients have when it comes to their dental care and work with them to restore their smile within their budget. In many cases, treatment can be phased to achieve results that will provide a lifetime of comfortable smiles.